Monday, June 11, 2012

Monday Meanderings

Well, crap.

I know.  I know.  I'm a bad blogger.  I admit it.  I have no schedule set for myself and no posts ready ahead of time.  I never guest post, because I hardly have time to write here, let alone elsewhere (even though there are some terrific series out there to which I'd love to contribute).  Mea culpa.

Actually, I do have a post that's almost ready to go, but it's a W2W post, and let's face it: those aren't fun.  And today, I want fun.  This isn't a quick takes (since it's Monday, Monday and I'm not partyin', partyin'), but it's kinda like that.  Sure.  Numbered items, and that sort of thing.

1. Elise is napping!  Which is why this post exists.  She hasn't napped in almost a week.  Today, I induced the nap by cuddling with her and reading stories, setting her in her crib, allowing her to cry and scream for ten minutes, getting her out, and nursing her.  If I had simply nursed her, as she initially requested, she wouldn't be sleeping now.  Sadly, she needed the horror -- the horror! -- of being left in her crib for a little while to tire her out enough to nap.

2. I was going to continue writing about Elise's naps, but then I realized that it would probably be mind-numbingly boring for anybody who isn't me.  So I'll offer this instead: have you ever been at a social gathering and mistakenly eaten pudding on tortilla chips?  No?  You win!  My husband's advisor had a get-together at her home last Friday, and someone brought an avocado (at least it was avocado, right?) pudding.  Guacamole lover that I am, I assumed that's what it was, and started spooning it onto my plate with a chip, since there was no spoon in the bowl.  A young whippersnapper undergraduate gently corrected me.  Facepalm.

3. WINNING: My husband came home one day last week and remarked, "I heard that LMFAO song on the bus today, and for a good 5 or 10 seconds all I could think was, 'Why are they playing "Elmo and I know it" on the radio?'"  (Never seen "Elmo and I Know It"?  You're welcome.)

4. My husband and I are participating on a married couples' panel during some of our diocese's marriage preparation classes.  I hope that we are able to give a positive example and help the engaged couples!  We have a sitter coming over to watch Elise while we're there, and this is the first time we will ever be leaving her with a sitter.  We have left her VERY few times (less than 10 for sure) for VERY brief periods of time with both sets of grandparents (not gonna happen often when one set is three hours away and the other is twelve).  Otherwise, we've never both been apart from her. Yeah. For real.  I really hope she does well.  This sitter is an amazingly sweet lady, and we're very comfortable with her.

5. I've been working just the tiniest, tiniest bit.  I tutor a local homeschooled high schooler in algebra once a week (in the evenings, so Daddy stays with Elise).  And last Tuesday, I subbed at the main campus of the school where I taught before Elise was born.  I may be going back to teach three sections of a 2-hour course in the fall.  We'll see!  I would love to be able to do it.

6. I find math to be relaxing.  A couple weeks ago, I found out some unfortunate news about our family car (i.e. even after multiple repairs, it still needs more work, and we're pretty much hemorrhaging money on this thing), right before I had to go tutor.  I was feeling pretty overwhelmed and stressed out over the whole affair, but a few minutes of straightforward, logical, there-totally-is-a-right-answer algebra (combined with overhearing some trigonometry another tutor and tutee were working on at the library) calmed me right down.  Am I weird?  Yeah, but, come on...duh.  Already been established!

7. I'm going to a "Theology on Tap" talk tonight on the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Mass (i.e. the Latin Mass).  I have never been to a Latin Mass, but I'd really like to go, so I'm looking forward to hearing more about it.  There is a church about an hour away from here that has Latin Masses two Sundays a month, so maybe I will end up going to one.  And then I shall blog about it.

8. My secret sister is at it again!  I received a cute card from her that she sent while visiting Columbus.  In it, she noted that she is not from Syracuse, as I had conjectured, but actually from Amish country southeast of here.  A lovely area, Secret Sister!  Oh, the delights of Amish country.  The mascot at my husband's undergraduate institution was the Titan, but Westminster students liked to call themselves the Fighting Amish.  Not once did I make the half-hour drive to visit him (starting near a rough area of Youngstown) that I didn't pass an Amish buggy. 

9. The prove-you-ain't-no-spambot codes I have to type in for my comments to submit are getting weirder and weirder, I tell ya.  I can barely read those things.

10. See how this is the tenth item, making this different from a quick takes, despite its quick-takian-ness?  A bummer: I have to go to the dentist tomorrow.  I know I should be thankful that I have the opportunity and means for good dental hygiene, but...I just hate having my mouth poked at.

11. My child is adorable and I love her like crazy.

12. We're having leftover BBQ Chickpea Pizza for dinner tonight.  Woo-hoo!

13. Any suggestions for birthday gifts for a 2-year-old?  My little girl's birthday is in 18 days!  EEK!


  1. Elmo's version is a good 10 times better than the real version!

    The marriage panel sounds awesome! You'll have to write about it after you go.

  2. Yay for naps!! I'm glad she took a nap finally for you :)

    Totally laughed out loud at the Elmo thing--that song is hilarious, and I prefer it over LMFAO!

    That's so awesome that you've been tutoring and teaching a little bit!! I am positive that you would be a wonderful teacher if you go back in the fall. Teach those kids some algebra! (coincidentally, algebra was my favorite in school and I *loved* doing the problems for homework--nerd alert!)

    How cool that your secret sister is so close! Hopefully you'll find out who she is soon.

    Love that picture of sweet!!

  3. I had to look up that Elmo video, I hadn't heard it before but it definitely made me smile :)

    I love your W2W posts, I'm kind of a theology nerd though. My senior undergrad paper was on how 3 different denominations handled the concept of marriage and I looked at Catholicism. I'm fascinated by the marriage panel and I think you and Colin will be amazing role models!

    I wish I had gift ideas for a 2 year old. I have no idea what the age likes/wants/needs!

    Elise is uber cute :)