Friday, May 4, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday

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1. Guess what I finally bought?!
It arrived in the mail Wednesday!  I've read a couple chapters, and I love it already.  Is it shameful that I can't wait to take a photo of myself with the book so I can add it to the customer images on Amazon?  I just want to be part of that club.

2. On Tuesday, the baby and I strolled down to a local farmer's market and bought some rhubarb. I had never eaten it before last year, but I was inspired by Coppertop Kitchen to try it in a few recipes, and we quite enjoyed it.  I'm planning to make a pie or a crisp this weekend.  I feel snazzier making a pie,, a crisp is so much easier.  (Whoops, I guess it's actually a "crunch."  You know what I mean.)

3. My hometown won $1 million in grants from Walmart's Fighting Hunger Together campaign.  Like many folks, I'm not crazy about Walmart, but I'm thrilled that my home community will be getting this money, and I hope it is spent wisely!

4. Getting back to my fascinating life, I've had a throat ailment this week. I don't know what it is.  I figured it was a cold when I first started getting symptoms, but it's been almost entirely in my throat, and usually my colds come with an unhealthy dose of nasal congestion.  On Tuesday, I had basically no voice at all; that was also the day the baby was most interested in being read to. 

5. I ended that last take in a preposition, and I'm not even gonna do anything about it.  Let's talk about grammatical pet peeves!  Here's one of mine that I've seen a lot lately and would like to address:
The expression "rein in" refers to controlling or directing something, much like using reins on a horse.  It has nothing to do with any kind of reign.  Friends, please resist the urge to put that "g" in there; it makes no sense.  Thanks.

6. My daughter has almost no summer clothes.  This is the first season that she hasn't had either tons of gifts (early babyhood) or hand-me-down/garage-sale finds courtesy of my mom (toddlerhood).  All of a sudden it's warm, and I realized a couple days ago she had literally three t-shirts (all of which have Sesame Street characters on them, which means, yes, Lindsy, you gave her two of them) and one short-sleeved onesie from our parish's school.  We went out to a consignment store yesterday and I bought a few more shirts, and she has a few pairs of shorts and some dresses, so we're getting there.  I saw a post on Craigslist the other night for a lot of girls' clothing in her size and I got quite excited, but the poster never emailed me back.  Maybe I shouldn't have tried to haggle?  It would figure that when the shy chick finally finds some pluck, it backfires. :)

7. A few nights ago we went to a get-together -- a goodbye party really -- for a young man from our church who is joining a Franciscan friary.  (Tomorrow!)  Toward the end of the evening, we were watching some YouTube videos on the TV, and after a couple minutes, Elise started begging for Elmo.  "Does she associate the TV with Elmo?" one of the guys asked.  Sir, my daughter thinks the sole purpose of televisions, and computers for that matter, is watching Elmo.  So in honor of Elise, here's one of my personal favorite Sesame Street YouTube videos (which I happen to like more than the original song):


  1. I think I like all the Sesame alterations on songs more than the originals. :) I'm partial to the - What I am, Jason Mraz - Outside, and the Adam Sandler - This is a song about Elmo. :D

    In adult internet watchables, I have to know if you've seen Dr. Horrible (I know I should remember if we've talked about this one, but my mind is just mush) or 'Sex with Ducks.' If not, we need to talk. :)

    And as for clothing, I remember that year with Cam. He luckily has a season change (spring) birthday, so for that first 'no outfit pre-prepared' season he had a lot of help. A mid season birthday is hard! Like with Riley, I found she either got a lot of winter that she wasn't going to need long, or a lot of summer that she has almost grown out of before summer really hits. (And of course, by the time the birthday rolls around, you've already needed to go out and buy enough clothes for that season, so while new stuff is always cool and appreciated, it's not as desperately needed as it was early in that season.)
    I was able to hit up some garage sales today (way rare!) because I only had Cam with me, and Riley did well for some fall things. :) I might be a little too well prepared?

  2. I bought that book too, and can't wait to start reading it in the next few weeks! I have never tried rhubarb, but I might just have to!

  3. My son is the same way! What is it about Elmo?

    (Thanks for rescuing me from Elmo-boredom with this delightful song.)