Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Loveliest of Days

Happy Easter!  Christos Anesti!

I hope you all had (and are continuing to have) a glorious Easter!  (I don't think I have any Eastern Orthodox readers, but if I do, have a blessed Holy Week.)

Smile, Elise, we match!
We were in Ohio visiting my family for Easter Sunday.   We had a nice visit, but my mom hasn't been feeling well lately, so please keep her in your prayers. 

On the way back, we stopped at Reyers, the "world's largest shoe store" in Sharon, PA. 
I was ecstatic because they carry narrow shoe sizes.  I have needed a new pair of basic black pumps for about a year, but I have had no luck whatsoever finding a new pair, because my feet are small and narrow, and nobody around here carries narrow shoes.  I tried going the Internet route, only to have to send back two pairs.  Sigh.  But Reyers is AWESOME!  So now I have black pumps. 

Thank you to everyone who read my Lenten series on Catholicism.  It was a labor of love, and it gave me great joy to research and write each post.  You may have noticed that as soon as Easter began, I slid right back into my pattern of not posting every day.  I'm a bit worn out.  

Hopefully, oh so hopefully, during the next few days, I'll get back to being a more faithful blog reader and commenter.  By the end of Lent, it was all I could do to get my own posts up, what with traveling, family visits, keeping house, wifery, and oh right! my darling daughter, who naps about every other day now.

I finally added a gadget to my blog so you can "join" it.  I resisted for a while, because I don't think I've "joined" or "followed" too many myself -- I figured that was what Google Reader was for.  But I've come to realize that that my introverted poor social sensibilities have bitten me in the butt yet again: turns out making blog friend connections DOES matter.  Whoops!  Excuse my awkwardness there.  And join (or "hang out in") my little weez world if you like.


  1. I'm glad you had a lovely Easter!! And thanks for the Happy Holy Week! My dad was raised Russian Orthodox--we don't really celebrate it now, but we did a little when I was younger and my grandparents were alive. We're planning on going to midnight service on Saturday night for the first time in years so I'm excited! It'll all be in Russian and I won't understand any of it, but it'll be cool :)

    1. Oh how cool! I didn't realize that your dad was raised Russian Orthodox! I'm sure that your midnight service on Saturday will be beautiful! :)

  2. Yay for pics! Hilarious about your narrow feet. It's so funny because you never make a big deal about things, so I just assume that all goes smoothy in those sort of details. If it was me you would have heard about my horribly (in my case wide) deformed feet and how I went to five stores and what an ordeal it all was (and you probably would have heard about it on my way back from them, haha.)

    Just so you know (in case you are like me and have a quite skewed impression of yourself when looking at other parents with their babies in stores) you have a "kid." If I were walking past you at Reyers (oh how I wish it were so) I would think 'aww look at that little kid.' It would never cross my mind that you were the parents of a baby.
    If that doesn't make sense I'll continue to explain: When I walk past a set of parents with say an 8/9 month old in their stroller/cart, I feel a sort of kinship with them just for having a baby the same age. Then I step outside myself and look at the crazy 13 month old that is *running* down aisles squealing and realize that those parents of an 8/9 month old have no idea how recently (wasn't it yesterday???) I had an 8/9 month old and are most likely thinking that Riley is a 'kid' compared to their little bundle of squishiness.
    And anyway, you have a kid. Mind. Blown.

    I totally just reflected on your post and didn't "reply" as the box implores, but I hope it's acceptable. :)