Sunday, February 26, 2012

Haps in the Hood

Since it's Sunday, I'm taking a day off from my 40 Things posts, so I'll take the opportunity to share the recent haps around here!

1. Colin passed his dissertation defense on Thursday!!!!!!  Can I send out about a thousand alleluias (even though we're not singing them at Mass until Easter)?  We are so grateful that everything went smoothly.  Colin had a fantastic advisor and a great committee, and his research has been very fruitful.  I'm still wrapping my brain around the fact that my darling husband now has a Ph.D. in physics.  (All right, so the degree won't actually be conferred until commencement in early May.  Whatevs, his committee congratulated him as "Dr." and I'm stickin' with it!)

I can't even express how proud I am, especially since the average time it takes to finish in his department is six and a half academic years, and he'll have done it in five.  With a baby born three years into the program, too!

2. It looks like we'll probably be staying here for at least another year while Colin does a postdoc.  I had hoped that he might find an assistant professor position closer to home, but it looks like God has other plans for us right now.  (Also, it looks like it's very difficult to find an assistant professor position in physics without having a postdoc on one's CV -- competitive much?!)  I'm immensely grateful for this postdoc opportunity for many reasons, not the least of which is how it came about, basically falling into his lap.  He'll be working with a professor with whom he already has a great rapport and a history of collaboration.  And we can keep on living in the same home and spending time with the great people we have met in this town.

3. We had the pleasure of hosting Colin's parents on Thursday and Friday (they drove up from South Carolina to be here when he defended), and on Thursday, Elise and I will be traveling to Ohio to visit my family for the weekend.  I love seeing family and friends and having plans!  I'm a little worried that I'll get behind on my 40 Things series, but I'm hoping to keep up with it through our travels.  Shortening the posts might help a bit. ;)

4. I never addressed my other-than-blogging Lent plans!  They are: no more than 3 desserts/week, not counting Sundays. (Sigh, I know...we had a big ol' celebratory cake and then I made pie when Colin's parents were up, and I knew that was going to happen RIGHT after Ash I sheepishly said to Colin yesterday, "How else do you expect me to get rid of all this stuff?"  And I didn't think about sharing it with neighbors until it was just too stale to be passable.  MY BAD.)  Also, no pop, and limited FB time (generally no more than 1 login/day, unless there is some special circumstance).  (Did that just sound like a litany of exception clauses?  Should I have just reported "no pop"?)

5. Elise continues to be adorable, sweet, spunky, vivacious, and clever beyond my wildest dreams.  Enjoy!
She thinks my long-sleeved t-shirts are her scarfs.

Just goofing around in the morning.

Enjoying breakfast before Ash Wednesday Mass.

Her favorite pastime!

Dancing with Daddy the day after his defense.

Eating a bagel.  Mmm!


  1. I swear Elise is smiling in every single picture you take of her!
    Some day I'm going to roadtrip to meet your beautiful family. It will happen. :)
    Also, congrats to Colin! That is so awesome! Perhaps in a few years when I attempt (by attempt I mean I Have to first get my Master's and get INTO the program...) to get my Ph.D he can give me a few hints on not wanting to quit in the middle :)

    1. Thank you, Emily! Hehe, I don't post the crying/mad pictures...but some of them are so darn cute, too. I'm so excited about your master's program -- I hope everything works out!

  2. Congrats to Colin!!! What exciting news!! Sorry you'll still be there for another year, thought. But Elise...what a cutie!! She has such a great smile :)

    1. Thank you, Holly! :) We're so happy and thankful. And I'm feeling a lot better about staying here than I was, so that's another blessing.