Friday, January 27, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday

Gracias, Jen!

1. Tuesday was my half-birthday.  It isn't much of an excuse to celebrate, but I'll take any, so I made rosemary chicken and hot fries.  I usually combine Frank's Red Hot, buttah, and garlic to make my hot fry sauce, but I picked up a jar of locally-made hot wing sauce at the natural foods store not long ago and I wanted to try it out. 
Nope, not gonna use my fancy graphics program (MS Paint) to remove that "Dragon Heat" stuff.  Why would I?

I was extremely excited about this wing sauce, because I got it for dirt cheap.  Instead of costing 7 dollars and change like it usually does, it was 29 cents!  (Actually, 28 cents, because I got a 5% discount for paying with cash.)  It expired in October, but that doesn't mean anything, right?

Anyway.  This stuff ain't called "Fire in the Hole" for nothing.  Shazam!  It's excellent hot wing sauce, I must admit.  But I could only tolerate so many hot fries, which was a number LESS than the number I made, so that was sad.  And Colin wasn't about to pick up my slack.

2. I'm writing this on Thursday night.  It's 6:57, Elise is watching Sesame Street, and Colin is snoring loudly on the couch.  I think Elise is a bit disturbed by this.

3. Annnnnd now it's Friday afternoon.  I just read this piece by Marc Barnes of BadCatholic, which is incredible.  An excerpt:

In somewhat of a profound mystery, Love urges us to treat another like a newborn. It is Love that inspires us to reject the lie that human beings grow old, and thus boring, and instead to call a human being what they are: Baby. Love is not blind, it is the gift of sight! It removes the cataracts of boredom and repetition, allows us to see each other for the first time.

For the Christian, this should be no surprise. Look at what our our great Lover and Bridegroom calls us to become: Little children. Look at the name we are blessed with: Children of God. There are no adults in the eyes of God. Why? Because God is Love, and Love sees for the first time.
Read the rest here.

4. We're supposed to get a Trader Joe's here.  Eventually.  The original expected opening was last fall, but construction hasn't even begun yet.  Arg!  I've never been to a Trader Joe's, but they sound awesome.  Actually, as I type this, I'm starting to suspect that I have already written about the whole affair.  But Google says no.  Alright then, I'll try not to write about it again...until I have more news, anyway.

5. Your loyal blogger here (just feeling stupid about starting so many takes with "I") is in desperate need of a new YSU sweatshirt.  The one I own I got a few months before I started college, and somehow the poor thing has all kinds of little stains on it.  And some larger stains too.  And I gotta represent, right?!  This one has both "glitter" and "pink" in its description, making it a front runner.

6. You know what I just cannot get interested in?  Expensive purses.  You know what totally isn't a problem?  That.

7. I would very much like a fruit roll-up right now, but we don't have any.  We never do.


  1. Trader Joel's is awesome! I'm jealous that you have the possibility of one! I have a response to your last comment, I swear I don't ignore them! Happy half birthday :)

    1. Thank you! :) I'm excited, too. We may move before it's even here, but I'd be excited at that prospect, too!

  2. I must know the origin of your fries. Like...are they oven fries or are you awesome?

    Wish I had a Trader Joe's!

    I absolutely cannot get interested in expensive purses. I did manage to get lured into an expensive diaper bag. Shame. But I do love it and it's enormous enough that I can use it as a suitcase any time I travel!

    Man. Someone needs to fix your fruit roll up issue. That definitely sounds like an issue. I currently have some sort of super fruffy fruit leather right now. I can't stand fruit roll ups since middle school. All they do is stick to my teeth. But now you make me want to go grab a fruit leather.

    1. Nothing to see here. No awesomeness. They are oven fries. :)

      I looooooove that diaper bag!

      Yeah, you're right about the fruit rollups sticking to your teeth. I can't even remember the last time I ate one (I think was married, though, so it's not like it's been decades). They always taste better in my mind.