Friday, January 20, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday

Thank you to Jen for hosting!

1. Tomorrow, my husband and I celebrate 4.5 years of marriage.  This is particularly significant (to me, an overanalyzer) because we dated for 4.5 years before getting married, so half of our relationship will have been spent as a married couple.  (Well, really it was 4 years, 6 months, and 10 days after we started dating that we got married.  So I guess on January 31 it will REALLY be half.  Close enough!)

2. We're finally getting some significant snow around here.  I haven't minded the mild winter at all; I'd just as soon have it be 50 degrees until mid-March, but I would like to take Elise out for some snowy fun.

3. My daughter is 18.5 months old, and I just counted and realized we've traveled with her seventeen times since she was born!  This is coming from someone who went on (I think) eight trips in my life before getting married, so it feels like a lot to me!  (I'm thinking overnight trips more than an hour from home.)

4. Okay, press the shame button here: does anybody else dislike shopping for gifts?  Don't get me wrong: it's not that I don't have the gifting spirit, it's just that I'm terrible at figuring out what to get people.  So I flail and bumble around miserably for weeks leading up to the gift-giving occasion, only to desperately purchase something lame at the last moment and then feel embarrassed to give it.  There have been so few times in my life that I really felt like I figured out a great gift for somebody.  Colin's dad's birthday is next month, and he is probably the toughest recipient on my list.  Well, our list.  But I take the lead on gift-buying in our marriage, and I tell ya what, it can be like the blind leading the blind around here.

5. I just found out it's National Cheese Lovers' Day.  A rather bitter pill for me to swallow, since the Meyer Dairy was OUT of my most favoritest hot pepper cheese this week and I had to buy some absolutely tasteless Monterey Jack from Wegmans.

6. The other day, Colin and I were talking about inviting over our neighbors, a young newlywed couple.  We've only talked with them a couple times, even though they have lived next door since August.  Boo.  At one point, we ruled out having them over after Elise goes to bed, since our house is small and we're pretty sure it would be too loud.  "See, if we had a McMansion, we wouldn't have this problem," Colin remarked.  Just one of the oodles of offhand remarks he's made this week that sent me into peals of laughter.

7. An update on Elise: she's talking up a storm now!  She's constantly adding to her vocabulary, and it melts my heart. She loves playing the piano, stacking up alllllllll of her books, and -- I must admit -- watching Elmo.  She asks me throughout the day, "watch? watch?" and I know she wants to see "Mo"; often she'll ignore the other parts of Sesame Street.  Don't worry, I don't let her watch too much. :)  She's a stinker about eating vegetables (read: she eats literally none), she loves anything cheesy (puffs, crackers, cheese itself), and she could eat meatballs 'til the cows come home (except they won't, 'cause they're ground up in her dinner).  She is utterly smitten with her daddy, and she asks about him all day, even more than she asks to watch Elmo, which is a feat.  We're still nursing and it's still her favorite thing.  I've cut her back recently because I was getting worn out, and when I say "cut back," I mean we're down to 4-6 sessions a day. 
I love her.
Happy Weekend!


  1. Can I say how much I love seeing pictures of Elise? Ahh so cute.
    Congrats on 4.5 years together as a married couple! that's awesome! I think it'll be 3 years and 3 months of us dating once we get married (ahh still so far awayyy)
    I also don't like shopping for gifts. I'm so bad at figuring out what to get people. I've been good with the Bath and Body works for girls and something sporty for guys (at least it's worked so far!)

  2. Congrats on 4.5 years of marriage!! That is a big thing to celebrate :)

    There are some people that I just can never figure out what to get them, but for most people I *love* buying gifts!! I guess it just depends on the recipient, it can definitely be a challenge!

    Hahaha I laughed pretty hard at the meatball comment...I'm a dork :) Elise is such a sweetheart!!

  3. I just read that it was cheese lover's day too!! I got upset because it immediately made me want either a cheeseburger or a beef n cheddar from Arby's, and I've already got dinner in the slow cooker. Oh well, that helps me stick with my eating plan! I suppose I had cheese on my breakfast sandwich, that will have to do.

    and I will never, ever, get tired of pictures of Elise. :-)

  4. I love that you are still nursing! I hope to be when Lucia is that age too!

  5. #4- YES. I absolutely understand. Gift-giving is so much more difficult than it really should be!

    You're little girl is so cute! Also, it's awesome that you're so number-specific.

  6. Congrats on 4.5 years of marriage! Woohoo!

    That is really nice of you to invite your neighbors over! Hope it works out!

    Happy Weekend!

  7. Congrats on the anniversary! :)

    National Cheese Lovers Day?? I wasn't aware. I can't believe I missed it. I'm such a fan of cheese. Next year...

    What a cutie you have! :)

  8. Only point that sticks out to me is that with you having 'cut back' Elise is still nursing more than Riley, lol. Or at the very least the same. I don't really have a point. It just made me laugh. :)