Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My Morning: Mayhem and Madness

Ready to read about a morning in the life of good old weez?  Well, it started when I stopped reading Return of the King and turned out the light to go to sleep around 10:20 last night.  Which, for me, was too late.

Wait, what?  That was last night, not today!  But hear me out: a while ago, I read a Conversion Diary post which mentioned the concept of the next day starting at sundown
Having a productive day starts with waking up feeling well rested…which starts with making good choices about what time to go to bed. This week I found it really helpful to embrace the ancient Judeo-Christian understanding that sundown prayer ushers in the next day.
LOVE IT!  How many of us can say that we've made the same mistake, time and time again, of staying up way too darn late and then woefully regretting it the next day?  I did it all the time in college (taking it to extremes, as college students are wont to do), but I don't do it much anymore.  Blame my identity as a non-coffee drinker, blame my daughter's indefatigable efforts for attention throughout the day, blame my intense and continually unfulfilled need as an introvert for alone time to recharge my batteries -- whatever the reason, I need sleep, and I've come to realize that going to bed early is the only way I'm going to get it.

But back to the story!  Usually, my lights are out around 10 or a little before, but I wanted to finish the end of the chapter, so I fudged things a little bit.  Oh well, I thought, hopefully Elise will sleep in a tad.  She was awfully tired.


Comforted baby.  She quieted down quickly, thankfully, and as I climbed back into bed a minute later, I almost considered nudging Colin to note that it was "pi time," but I decided against it.  Fell back asleep.

4:38 AM: Chirp!

I jerked awake.  That was NOT the smoke detector, right?  That was some kind of...bird...in December...right?


We live in a rental, which means we have six smoke detectors in our small ranch house.  Every few months, each one demands a battery replacement, and will not stop chirping until a fresh battery is put in.  They are not all on the same schedule, so the chirping just comes up here and there, and we never remember or anticipate which one will be next or when.  But they always start up in the middle of the night, and no battery change is complete without an expletive or two.

I tried, and tried, and tried to go back to sleep after Colin and I resolved the smoke detector issue, but it just wouldn't happen.


Up for the day.  Yippy-skippy!

As I sat on the chair, cuddled up under the Snuggie as Elise nursed, I gradually realized that the house was cold.  The nursing session went on and on and on (given her current teething issues, that's been her modus operandi recently), and the furnace never turned on.  I figured I would delegate that issue to Colin when he arose (he usually gets up when Elise and I do, but I guess the smoke detector episode wore him out).  And I didn't have to wait long, because

6:[something, couldn't see a clock] AM: Chirp!

Yep!  ANOTHER smoke detector started up!  So I guess that one (in the living room) and the 4 AM one (in the kitchen) must be on the same schedule after all.  Anyway, that woke our hero right up, and he rode in on his steed to replace yet another smoke detector battery.  As he worked, I informed him of the furnace situation, and he confirmed that the thermometer read 63 degrees (we set it at 68).

The morning went on; Elise finished nursing, Colin fixed the furnace and got ready for the day.  After he got dressed, I noticed he was holding a cold compress to his neck.  "I've got good news and bad news," he said.  I braced myself.

"The bad news is, I burned myself on an exhaust tube.  The good news is, since it's on my neck, people will probably think it's a hickey!"

Yep, that's my husband.  Always looking on the bright side!

The rest of the morning wasn't much of a tale, in comparison.  Elise and I went to a local indoor playground (woohoo!) with our neighbor and her 2-year-old, which went great, until Elise saw a few dads and freaked out.  She has no patience for boys and their cooties!  Then we went to Target, where I bought the last of her Christmas gifts and some baby ibuprofen for her teething.  I wonder which she'll like better?

In conclusion: lights out before 10 tonight.  


  1. Awesome. Can I relate my much similar day for a moment of your time? I figure misery loves company, right?

    I made the slightly better decision of falling asleep at 9pm on the couch while Gary and I watched tv. Of course it meant I had to wake up for bedtime, but, oh well. I'm honestly not sure what time I got into my bed.

    1:30am: Cam sobbing runs into our room, demanding changed which sounds more like 'day! day!' Luckily Cam is Gary's jurisdiction and Gary eventually figured out when Cam clariied "day me!" that Cam needed new non-wet pants.

    3:30am: Riley wakes up. Teeth have been doing that to her lately. I nurse her back to sleep, noting that she feels awful warm.

    5:30am: I wake Gary up for work, bc I have a magic body clock and he left his cell phone at work.

    5:35am: Riley starts crying again. I convince Gary to fetch her and a thermometer. 102.5. Super. Tylenol. Nurse her for the next 2 hours while she drifts in and out of conciousness, and well - I don't.

    7:00am: Riley decides she's ready to wake for the day.

    Good news: The tooth is through. The motrin is making her happy. Both kids are asleep before 8pm tonight. I got an awesome haircut.

    Bad news: Silly me thought the fever was improving and we didn't go to the pedi today. I will likely get no sleep tonight.

    Out of curiously - why don't you just change all the smoke detectors at one time. Yes, I realize it would waste a few batteries. But all in all the most you'd probably be out is $10 altogether, right? ;)

    How exciting! Target! I wish I could have gone with you. Curious as to what Miss Elise is getting. :D And woo - I bought baby ibu today myself. Gotta love that motrin. The tylenol didn't help much, but we were out of motrin. Hence why once I gave the motrin I thought she was improving.

    And lastly I'm very impressed that Colin fixed two smoke detectors and a furnace all before heading out the door. Go Colin!

  2. Oh goodness, those nights are the worst! Although, I cannot say I've had that bad of a night in awhile. Prayers for a peaceful and restful sleep to tonight!

  3. Aww I'm sorry you had such a rough day yesterday! But I have to admit that I laughed out loud when Colin said it looked like he would have a hickey....that's just too funny :) Hopefully your night was better last night and today goes a little smoother!

    Also, thanks for watching my vlog! I'm glad you and Elise enjoyed it :) You know, it would be so much fun if you, Ashley and I could meet up someday...Ashley has said how nice and sweet you are and I can obviously see that from reading your blog! Maybe one day we'll figure something out :)

  4. I've slept better in the past 2 nights than I have in years. I say AMEN to sleep. Until I stay up late. Then I am groggy and say, "aaaaamennn."

    Thanks for this great post! Now that I am babysitting three days a week, I am definitely getting a taste for it...