Friday, December 2, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday

Thanks to Jen for hosting!  Head over to her blog to check out more quick takes!

1. Elise has been teething hardcore lately, which has been dreadful for all of us.  A mom I know invited me and Elise to meet her and her son (just 8 days older than Elise!) at the library this morning, so I was glad to have the distraction for her and me.

For a few minutes.

After we were there a little while, Elise began to wail, arching her back when I tried to pick her up and crumpling into a ball on the floor.  She was almost inconsolable -- here and there I was able to quiet her for a moment or two by carrying her around or letting her play with a globe, but then she'd go right back to her sobs.  One of our neighbors was there with her son; she recently had her hair cut quite short, and I think Elise mistook her for a man, which only made her howl the louder.

2. Oh, you didn't know?  Elise is a consummate misandrist. 
Oh, she's utterly smitten with her father, and she's come around to her grandfathers and uncle, but the rest she find abhorrent and terrifying.  I don't exactly know why, but I suppose it has something to do with her extremely limited exposure to any men besides those four.  It's rather embarrassing at times, and I hope she's able to overcome it soon. 
Then again, maybe I don't. Until she's 30 -- no, 40.
3. Anyway, I gotta say, I almost had to laugh (but instead I cried for a few minutes) over how many icy glares I received from employees and patrons at the library during my daughter's meltdown.  Now, the mom I met there, and another mom she'd asked to come, were both perfectly kind and understanding.   But almost every body  No sympathy for an anguished baby and a distressed mama?  Nope.

4. The high tomorrow is 42...too cold to go on a horse-drawn wagon ride as part of the Hometown Christmas celebration near us this weekend?  Eh, maybe, but I suppose it's worth considering!

5. The mail just arrived, and I think a Christmas gift that I bought for my brother on eBay is in our mailbox!  But I don't want to open the door to go out and check the mail and risk waking the baby.  (Yes, even when I try to do it quietly, it sometimes wakes her.)

6. Dear anybody who is not a parent, or at least not a parent of born child: naps are glorious.  Glorious.  GLORIOUS. I didn't understand the beauty, the wonder, the absolute necessity of naps until Elise was born.  And she's never been what I'd call a champion napper, but at least she does nap daily.  An hour or two of peace each day is sheer heaven.  I can read.  Do a little laundry.  Clean the bathroom.  Use the bathroom alone.  Yippee!

7. I have no idea what I'm making for dinner next week.  Why does that matter?  We do our weekly grocery run on Friday evenings, and I always prepare for it by making a list of meals I plan to make and then determining which ingredients I need.  I generally tailor our menu according to what's on sale, and there aren't any exciting sales right now.  But this past week, we basically subsisted on beans and vegetables to try to compensate for our Thanksgiving feasting, so we're ready to get back to some more substantial fare.  I have three chicken breasts in the freezer and about a half a pound of bacon in the fridge.  Tomorrow is the last day for our Amish farmer's market this season, so I know I'll want to load up on veggies there.  Otherwise, this little chef hasn't got a lot of inspiration!
Honestly, the only thing I miss since canceling cable TV!  Giada, Rachael, Ina, Paula, tell me what to do!!!
Happy weekend!


  1. I haven't even had the baby yet and I'm already dreading teething, I've been reading a bunch of blogs recently chronicling teething problems!

    Glad you were able to get the nativity set too, I thought it was so much more adorable than the little people or other "kids" ones I'd seen. And a really great price too!

  2. Dominic has always been afraid of men who aren't his daddy, grandpas, or our priest. Although it can be embarressing, I really don't mind it. People need to earn trust. He shouldn't love and say hi to every stranger. But it is nice to hear Dominic isn't the only one.

    I feel you, I loathe the evil glares. My poor husband had to deal with it at Church today whilst I cantored. And it was from a lady who was back in the narthax with two teenage sons. Hey lady maybe you should actually sit in the Church. Ugh. I think peope forget what it is like to have little kids.

    NAPS!! Yes. Love. Although usually I nap too. Lol. Happy advent. :)

  3. I so miss the productivity (or lack thereof, though sanity is always a productive goal, I suppose) of naps.

    Riley still takes one. Lately only one, but whatever.

    Lately I almost can't fathom why I leave the house with the two year old. Everything is constant screaming. I'm a bit envious of those mother's who seem able to navigate errands with their children gracefully.

  4. Oh, I do NOT open any doors whilst the small angel is napping. Take no risks when it comes to naps, that is my philosophy!

  5. Thanks for the sweet comments you've left on my blog! I've been browsing your blog now and then, nodding my head at everything you write and loving your sense of humor.

    My 2 yr old daughter is also terrified of men, particularly dark-skinned men. She seems to be coming out of it now, but like you, I wish she'd wait a year or 30 before she does.

  6. Sorry Elise had such a meltdown...that had to be hard!! And I looove the Food network, it's one of the only channels I watch when I actually watch TV!

  7. As I was reading #2 I was thinking "I bet your husband loves that." Haha, that shirt is too funny. Steven says he'll be like that if we have a daughter. :)

    We don't have cable either and Food Network is one of my most missed channels. I loved all of the challenges and cake shows!