Friday, November 11, 2011

7 Things You Might Not Have Known About Me

Well, if you know me IRL, you probably know at least a few of these.  But humor me!  (For some reason, I had a nearly irrepressible urge to spell that "humour."  Curious.)

1. I have a potty mouth
It's gotten much tamer as I've ripened into my mid-twenties (and, you know, gotten married and had a kid), but my speech is still (in)decently colorful at times.  For example, this scenario unfolded at the grocery store a couple weeks ago (and just so you know, we buy store-brand of almost everything):

Me: Hey Tally*, can you get a couple cans of cannellini beans off the shelf for me?
Colin: You want the Bush's or the shitty brand?
Me: The shitty  Get me two shitties.

*Adapted from the term "shorty," often used in hip-hop (and now at our home) as a term of endearment.

2. I also have a potty mouth
Good grief, my husband and I love scatological humor. Which is why this was the best possible response to the email he sent to a comic artist years ago.  (Warning...most of the other comics on the site offend even me.)

3. I saw the Mediterranean Sea (yay!)...before I saw the Atlantic Ocean
As I've mentioned before, we hardly ever did family vacations because my brother's disability makes travel very difficult.  But the summer between my sophomore and junior years of high school, I went on a ten-day trip to the French-speaking European nations with a group from my school.  I am abundantly thankful to my parents for giving me that opportunity!!  It was absolutely wonderful, and my favorite part was visiting the French riviera.
Holy shiznit, the Côte d'Azur is frakking gorgeous.
We flew over the Atlantic to get there, but I couldn't see it.  My first time seeing the Atlantic Ocean came a couple years later, the first time I visited South Carolina with my now-husband and his family.  I've never been west of Chicago, so I've never seen the Pacific, but I'd love to!

4. Some of my favorite names include Dmitri, Javier, Cesare, and Gustav
But I shan't be using them to name any future bambinos, because they don't go with our last name and have nothing to do with either of our heritages.

5. I've never been to an amusement park or a zoo
Again, related to the whole not going on family vacations thing.  I don't really care much about the former, although I'm sure I'll have to give in eventually -- it seems a little wrong to be an Ohioan who's never visited Cedar Point!  I'd LOVE to go to a zoo, though, and hopefully we'll take Elise to one soon!  Ooh, and an aquarium, too.  I've never been to one of those, either.

6. I'm not a big fan of breakfast food
It's okay, but not great.  I mean, I love a big stack of pancakes with syrup and sausage and bacon and hash browns as much as the next person, but you can't eat that every day.  Cereal, oatmeal, yogurt....blah.  I'm the kind of person who will joyfully eat lunch-and-dinner fare for breakfast, so I've had weeks when I've eaten chicken curry, bean burritos, and macaroni and cheese.  And sometimes cake.

7. I enjoy me some whiskey
My drink of choice is dry white wine, preferably Sauvignon Blanc.  But when we don't have that around, a little glass of Jack will do nicely.  Colin was a groomsman in a wedding last month; Elise and I were also there, but mostly on our own since he had to perform a lot of groomsman duties.  It was a beautiful wedding and a fun celebration, but babies are babies, and as soon as we got to the reception I could tell it was going to be a rather long night for a goin'-it-alone mom.  So I marched up to the bar, daughter balanced on hip, and requested a Jack and Coke.
I know you're thinkin' it.


  1. These made me giggle :) I never got into whiskey, but I have been known to do shots of tequila! I love your names, Aaron strongly dislikes my name choices (current favs are: Story, Sunday, and Atticus)

  2. Haha! I love it. I used to have a potty mouth too... then, college took it away from me. I too love whiskey, but I love breakfast food and zoos even more. Hooray for this great post!

  3. goodness, Stephen and I say ridiculous things. I hope this doesn't offend anyone here, but I'm afraid our Peanut is going to pick up saying Noob, pwnage, and exclaim "Balls!" when something goes wrong. Whoops.

    and I like whiskey too, when I'm not pregnant :-)

  4. 1. I'm proud that your language has gotten less obscene since having children. Mine has gotten increasingly *more* obscene.

    3. So jealous of your having seen beautiful overseas type places. Maybe someday..

    4. No Diego??

    5. Oh you're in luck! I don't care for amusement parks, so you aren't missing much. And zoos/aquariums I LOVE them now, but could have taken or left them as a kid. You are in for a treat.

    6. The other day at IHOP I had cinnabon stacked french toast with sausage, bacon, scrambled eggs, hashbrowns, and - oh yeah: EXTRA sausage, which I pretended I was ordering for Cam, but down down down into my belly it went.
    Regular breakfast can bite me. Today I had white chicken chili for breakfast. :)

    7. Someday we desperately need to go out for drinks. Heck - my current social life considered, *I* probably just need to go out for drinks. But your presence would make it epic.

  5. Well, then you must come to Indianapolis to visit us. We have a Zoo, with a small aquarium in it. And, and, we have a membership with guest passes. And, and, it'd be awesome and only like a six hour drive. The end.

    I still have a potty mouth. But I'm working on it. :)

  6. Kendra, Thanks to your Stephen, I now have incorporated balls into my everyday language.
    And this made me happy. I hope you get to go to a zoo soon! I worked at one for 6+ years! (My goodness that seems like a long time.
    I am terrible with being a potty mouth since 95% of the time I'm with guys, and they don't have the nicest vocabulary :)
    I've never had whiskey. Perhaps I shall try it sometime soon :D

  7. Ashley, those are fun names! Atticus Finch is one of my favorite book characters.

    Julie, I'm glad college took your potty mouth away! I think mine got worse, at least for the first part of college. Then I wised up. A little. ;)

    Kendra, those all sound like very important components of Peanut's vocab. And let's face it, he or she will be a n00b at everything, so you'll have plenty of opportunities to use that word. I missed wine when I was pregnant.

    Lindsy, I laughed so hard at your confession in #1. I was tempted to add Diego, but I don't like it as much as the others. Oh crap, my kid just got up from her nap. To be continued...

  8. Okay back. That IHOP breakfast sounds incredible. And oh wow yes do we EVER need to go out for drinks!

    Sarah, I'd love to come visit you in Indianapolis and go to your zoo! I really want to meet you. :)

    Oh wow that is a long time, Emily! Haha, yes, I'll never forget the first time I went to hang out at a guy friend's house (who ended up being the best man at our wedding) and Colin was there playing video games (this was a year before we started dating). NONSTOP foul language, particularly from my now-husband. He has also cleaned up his act over the past almost 10 years since that day. (Oh wow, we're old.)