Monday, October 3, 2011

Munday Mumblings

I was originally going to title this post "Monday Madness," but...there's really no madness here.  Can't sacrifice the truth for a little alliteration.  Time for a list!

1. Blogger and I may be calling it quits
I don't particularly want to make a new blog on a different platform, but I'm starting to think I probably will.  Lindsy, Dacia, and Emily have all noted difficulties leaving comments here, and it's entirely possible that other readers have experienced similar issues.  Blogger, you stink.  I even took off the "prove you ain't no spam-bot" word verification doohickey, and comments have continued to vanish into thin air.  FRUSTRATING.

2. Colin's first tutoring appointment is canceled tonight
This means that we get to spend more time together, I can scoot over to the dairy after dinner for milk and hot pepper cheese without having to tote Elise along (it's always a pain to take her to a place where we just run in for 2 minutes and then go back to the car -- she strongly resists buckling back up), and we'll be able to squeeze in one or possibly two episodes of Battlestar Galactica.  Ya-hoooo!  It also means a loss of income, but we'll just ignore that part. :)

3. Speaking of hot pepper cheese, it has been in woefully short supply lately
The last three times I've gone to the dairy for it, they have been OUT!  Colin checked Friday night, and they told him it would be in Monday.  Naturally, I called this morning around nine.  Supposedly the shelves should be stocked with it by now.  I hope!!  My comment on Friday: "I guess the hot pepper cow has been on vacation."

4. My baby is playing nicely right now and allowing me to type on the computer
This is huge!!!  Usually she doesn't like me to be on the computer at all, and if she does permit it, I must be in read-only mode: the sound of keys clicking is a dead giveaway that my attention is most definitely not on her.  Oh happy day!

5. But anyway, not that I haven't whined about it already, but that's most of the reason why my blogging and commenting have been light
I don't know if I can elaborate on that one.  Except to say: it's because of that reason, combined with being so tired once she goes to bed at night that typing "great post!" into a combox is nigh impossible. 

6. I asked my wonderful mom friends on FB for advice on where to get winter boots for Elise
And I got many great suggestions.  I felt a twinge of sorrow over a few of them, namely Old Navy, Shoe Carnival, and Babies R Us.  State College does not have these fine retailers.  *Sniff.*  Only makes me pine for Ohio even more!

7. I just took a break from writing this post to go to Goodwill
Elise had a blast scurrying around, and I found a dress!  Okay fine, I bought her this toy, too.
Apparently the photo I chose has a really big white-space border goin' on.
It was 99 cents and she liked it.

8. Lest this seem too much like a three-day-late quick takes, I'll add that I love peppermint tea
This brand is AMAZING:
Their Web Site
It makes Lipton's variety taste like...nothing.  Just nothing.  I think you could brew a whole pot with a single teabag of this variety and it would be stronger than a single cup made with Lipton.  Okay, that's a definite exaggeration.  But seriously, if you love potent peppermint tea, this is totally worth buying!


  1. I hope you don't leave blogger...I like your posts! And I'm glad you'll be able to spend some time with your hubby a bit tonight :) Hope you got the hot pepper cheese and have a great week!!

  2. Thanks, Holly! I don't mean that I will stop blogging entirely, I just mean that I may switch to WordPress or something. We'll see! But I'll definitely be sticking around somewhere!

  3. Yeah - at first I read the first point and was thinking "OH NO! Louise can't leave!" and then I realized it was mainly the platform you were talking about abandoning. ;)
    Man, I want a Goodwill/Village/Once Upon a Child shopping buddy!
    Gary (my I-want-to-run-in-and-buy-exactly-what-I-need-and-get-out-in-two-minutes-no-matter-if-I-have-to-pay-triple husband) is so not cool with places like that. And since they involve a lot of browsing, neither is it compatible with a the combination of a squirmy baby AND a high-energy toddler. Sigh, maybe someday I'll be able to bargain shop again!

  4. I had to stop by and say hi after reading your comment on Virtuous! Our goofball husbands sound so alike and I appreciate that vision of what a Catholic man should be :)

  5. Wordpress has been awesome, but I kind of miss the ability to connect a lot easier with people, but I can still leave comments as a WP user. I'd be ever so sad if you actually left blogging :P

  6. Okay, as long as you don't stop blogging... :)

    MM! Peppermint tea! Thanks for the recommendation.