Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Haps

Well! I just gave Blogger some [solicited] feedback on their new interface for blog authors.  My review included the words "lame-o" and "profesh" (with an indication that it wasn't the latter).  Reverted right back to the old style, yes indeedy I did!

I'm sorry I've been MIA from the blogging world for so long.  It just kinda happened.  I felt like I needed a break from the social media world in general, and while I by no means performed a complete fast -- I'm a heck of a lurker -- I do think I benefited from staying quiet for a little while.  As I've mentioned before, I've found young motherhood to be a rather lonely road, and I think I made the mistake of putting too many eggs in the virtual-sense-of-community basket.  Backing off a bit, focusing more on in-person friendships, and accepting that most of my daytime hours involve communication with just one other person -- my 14-month-old daughter -- have all helped to give me a fresh perspective.

That's not all, of course.  The fact is, the aforementioned 14-month-old usually protests vociferously when I attempt to use the computer, so that puts me in a bit of a pickle.  I wasn't online much this past week because we were visiting my family in beautiful Ohio once again.  There's a bit more to it, but I'm gonna be a big ol' meanie and leave that for another time.

But lest anyone rush to conclusions, I will say this: I am not pregnant.  I do have a related story, though.  I recently thought that maybe just maybe (and it really was a stretch to even think it) I might possibly be expecting.  Colin knew of these thoughts, so we were both just sort of waiting around, wondering.  When I realized I was not, I delivered the news by telling him, "You're a daddy, but Elise is not a sister."  He looked bewildered for a moment.  "I'm not pregnant," I explained.

"Oh, I wondered...I was gonna say, we've always known she's white."



  1. Haha, I've missed your blogging! My first thought was that you were pregnant, I guess that tells you that most of my day is consumed with baby thoughts (although we are not trying right now). I hope you had fun in Ohio!

  2. LOL

    I've been having such problems with blogger lately, namely with leaving comments on other people's blogs. I have written at least 10 comments to your blog in particular that wouldn't post. UGH! Frustrating.

    Anyway I look forward hearing your news. I too thought I might be pregnant very recently and was suprised how dissapointed I was when I found played the waiting game and wasn't. All in God's time.


  3. Bwahahahahahahaha! That's hilarious!

  4. Ohh shame on you for having a surprise and not spilling EITHER time I saw you. BOOOO. :P

    I agree that taking some of your eggs out of the virtual helps. Whenever I have no-computer days and actually just sit on the floor with the kids all day, then cleaning feels like my relaxing break, and then since I've been playing with the kids 24/7 they are joys and since I've been productive in my spare time I feel amazing AND the house gets clean. It's just a win-win-win-win all around.
    I'm sure a run-on ended up somewhere in there, and you know - I really don't care. That's just how much win there was. :D

  5. Lol! Please can I meet you someday?
    And I missed your blogging. I'm glad you posted. I needed something to comment on :P
    I hope you enjoyed Ohio!

  6. Ashley, I've missed being in the blogosphere myself, so I'm glad to be back. We did have a great time in OH!

    Dacia, I'm really sorry to hear about the comments that wouldn't post! That is so frustrating. Gah, it makes me want to change to WordPress. I even took the anti-robot thing off to try to make commenting easier. Blarg.

    Glad you enjoyed it, Maren! I know I sure did.

    Lindsy, all in good time, you shall know. :) Yeah, isn't that the truth about non-computer days? I need to remember that.

    Emily, I'd love to meet you some day!!

  7. Yeah, the new blogger is awful, huh?

    Glad to see you're back!

  8. I don't like the new blogger either, I switched back immediately lol :)

    Hahahaha I just really laughed out loud at that comment by your husband :) Too funny! I hope you enjoyed your trip to Ohio!