Friday, August 12, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday

Thank you to our lovely hostess, Jen!

1. How sweet is this?  My talented friend Ashley from Introverted Mama made this baby print in honor of Elise's first birthday:
I still need to put it in a frame!
Isn't that beautiful?  Thank you, Ashley!

2. I'm sure glad that the letter J is the second-least frequently used letter in the English alphabet. Why?  Because my dear little Elise managed to remove the J key from our keyboard.  (Don't worry, we have it, she didn't swallow it!)  Now I have to hit the little round button that sits beneath the key in order to make J's.  Just jolly.

3. My college roommate called me yesterday to catch up, and when she asked how things have been going, my entire response (I later realized) consisted of updates on Elise's recent accomplishments and Colin's teaching and research.  All great, but methinks I need to work on carving out some time for endeavors that are simply my own.

4. Have you tried Spotify?  It allows you to stream millions of songs legally and for free.  I saw some rumblings about it on Twitter and decided to try it for myself.  It's pretty awesome!  If it weren't for the fact that you can easily find a YouTube video for pretty much any song you want, I think I'd be much more excited.  But I still like it.  The invite I requested came to my email inbox within a day, so there isn't a long wait right now!

5. I just said something to my daughter in a Strong Bad voice.  I miss watching Strong Bad and the other Homestar Runner 'toons!  I'm sad that the site hasn't been updated since last December.

6. It's finally cooler!  The 100-degree temperatures we had a few weeks ago made for some miserable days in our central-AC-free house, so the temperate days and cooler nights are most welcome.  I hate to admit it, but I'm feeling ready for fall.  Once it comes, I'm always a bit blue because I know winter's not too far behind.  But right now, sitting outside wearing long sleeves, sipping hot apple cider, while enjoying the grandeur of brightly colored leaves sounds wonderful.

7. I need a new breakfast food.  This week was blueberry bagels, and they're awfully good, but I'm ready to move on.  I did cereal for a long time, so I'm not feeling that.  Oatmeal only appeals to me once every few weeks.  Actually, I kinda prefer eating regular lunch or dinner fare in the morning to most traditional breakfast options.  Anyone have any great breakfast ideas?  (Elise has eaten chicken for breakfast a couple times. She's my daughter, oh yes she is!)

Happy weekend!  Enjoy your partyin', partyin', yeah!


  1. When my family would go camping, I would eat the leftover fish from our fish fries the next morning for breakfast (cold). I still get teased about it, but I would still do it if I had the chance! I love breakfast food, but I seem to eat it more often for dinner than for breakfast! May I suggest muffins? I've been wanting to make zucchini muffins, so that's the first thing that came to mind.

  2. I had zucchini patties with peanut sauce for breakfast this morning! ;)
    When I go for breakfast fair lately it's bagel egg sandwiches. Heck, in honor of DD's blueberry waffle sandwich I tried to make an egg waffle sandwich with leftover waffles this week. It turned out alright.

  3. A Lightswitch Rave? :)

    I eat a big bowl of fruit (banana, berries, etc.) with yogurt and a sprinkle of cereal on top. Its a great summer time breakfast when the fruit is fresh.

    Also, I always like eggs and toast.

    Happy weekend!

  4. I am such a creep but I started following Ashley's blog, and then found her sisters who is living in Cleveland yay! Hah, I love reading other ohio blogs! I like pancakes for breakfast.. but that means I have to not be lazy to make them :P

  5. Mandi, the leftover fish sounds great! (Seriously, that would be right up my alley.) Thanks for the muffin idea. I'll have to try that soon.

    Lindsy, love both the zucchini patties/peanut sauce combination and the fact that you attempted DD's sandwich. Too awesome!

    Sarah, NICE! Your comment inspired me to watch that email for the first time in many years. Colin got me the "Strong Bad Sings" CD for Christmas the first year we were dating, and that "The System is Down" techno song is one of our favorites on it.

    Emily, I love your creeping ways. Holly from Cleveland is actually Ashley's best friend, but I do believe they love each other like sisters. :) Yay Ohio!

  6. Great print!

    Hm, I love breakfast food... how about yogurt and fruit?

  7. Ok so I just read this comment string, and I totally wish Holly & I were sisters...but we're bffs :)

    Also, I would love if you would do an Ohio post! I was going to ask you, but I didn't know if you still considered yourself an Ohioan or if you were officially a Pennsylvanian. I will add you to my list and send you an email in September :) Thank you for helping out!

    I'm glad you like the print :) I tried to get it there in one piece, I hope it didn't get bent through the mail...

  8. Woo, I'm glad I count as an Ohioan!!
    I love the print! It arrived perfectly in the mail. I stupidly set it on the kitchen counter where water had apparently been spilled, which is why it looks just a tiny bit wavy. I was really furious with myself! I think it will be fine once I get it in a frame, though! Totally my fault.

  9. Demonstrated my stupidity again by neglecting to say that I'm sorry for my mistake! I felt terrible after all the time and care you had taken. Luckily it dried pretty well and I honestly do think framing it will fix it completely :)

  10. I SO wish Ashley and I were sisters!! I love blog creeping, haha :)

    Thanks for the congrats about the job, Louise!! I am really excited to get started!

    That print is so adorable! Ashley has the greatest taste. I usually eat yogurt and cereal in the morning...together. Like, instead of milk I use yogurt and pour my cereal on top! Sounds a little strange, and sometimes the cereal gets soggy if it sits for a while, but it's really yummy and different!

  11. Since you haven't updated again, I'm just gonna add on here.

    Wanted to comment on Elise and Colin being your only noteworthy news. It *is* nice to have accomplishments of your own, I definitely agree. But I don't think it's a shame to only have your daughter's progress to report on. My children are the biggest and best part of me right now - raising them *is* my project. So don't feel too bad. :)

    Also - I wanted to second the cereal on yogurt. I usually do corn flakes or special K flakes (especially the ones with the clusters). I feel like it's a close cousin to granola (which is awesome on yogurt). Though I have been known to put random Golden Grahams on yogurt if it's the only thing we have.