Sunday, July 31, 2011

Clever Title or Not?

Okay, I know I'm super lame, but I really want a thirteenth post!  I told my husband I'd be done in 20 minutes, and I only have 5 left after publishing my last post and trying to figure this one out.  I decided to do a quick survey thingy.  (I found it here.  It's really 100 questions, but I'll just stick to the first 10.)

1. Red rose or white?  I'd say red.  I love the color red.
2. Salt or pepper?  I do love me some pepper.  But I probably don't realize how bland most food would taste without salt.  That's a tough choice!  I guess pepper.
3. Pink or blue?  Pink. I'm girly.  I love blue, though.  My favorite Crayola crayon will always be cerulean.  (Shout out to Lindsy!)
4. Hamburgers or hot dogs?  Hamburgers!  I must admit that I love hamburgers.  With ketchup and mustard and onions...mmm.  And sometimes cheese!
5. Music or moves?  Music.  I listen to music a lot more than I watch movies.  Plus, Rebecca Black's yet to have a movie cameo, as far as I know.
6. Comedy or horror?  No contest, as I love comedy and loathe horror.
7. Action or adventure?  Adventure.  I get bored during action scenes.  I figure my husband's -- oops! -- Colin's rapt attention can make up for my lack of interest.
8. Summer or winter?  Seriously, too easy.  Summer all the way.
9. Sun or stars?  Gee, I hate to tell you, but...I get what you're asking, though.  I'll take the sun, since none of the other stars make Earth an inhabitable planet.
10. Hott or cute?  (Um, yeah, with 2 T's.)  Annnnd it becomes totally obvious that I'm at least 13 years older than anyone else who has ever taken this survey.  I guess I'd have to say cute, as I find supposedly "hott" guys to be off-putting at times. 

I'm really going to try to be a better blogger this week!  Please say a prayer that Elise's teeth give her (and her parents) a break! :) 


  1. "Annnnd it becomes totally obvious that I'm at least 13 years older than anyone else who has ever taken this survey."

    You are too fun!! (Or should I say, you are so funnnnn :):):) ?)

  2. Cerulean FTW!

    I'm a definitely salt. Sometimes I add pepper because I know you are supposed to. And those little black specks make food look sooo gourmet. Is pepper actually supposed to taste like something? ;)

    I hamburgered out earlier this summer, I think. Normally I don't have a preference, but Cam and I have been rocking the hot dogs almost every day for lunch this week. (And last...oh yeah. We're on a health kick.)

    Yay, you did it! :D