Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wordy Wednesday


I have been wanting to update.  I compose portions of blog posts in my head while I take my daughter on strolls.  As I go about my days, I reflect on how a thought or scenario might be fodder for the ol' blog.  And yet, this wonderful little world has been woefully quiet as of late.  Here's a little bit on why...
I know I mentioned this already in last week's quick takes.  I have a few half-written (well, more like tenth-written) posts that I'm hoping to finish...someday.  I get little ideas, but nothing grand.  And yes, it doesn't have to be grand, but lately I've been a pretty
in general.  I've just been feeling low.  Lonely, bored, I hate to say worthless, but a little bit of that, too.  And then yesterday, just when I was feeling like maybe I could contribute something decent to the blogosphere, the unthinkinable happened:
Of course, that could not stand.  Readers, take note: if you link to an article about an 780-year-old relic of St. Anthony being stolen and provide your own commentary on how the Catholic practice of requesting intercessory prayer from the saints amounts to idolatry, you're gonna hear from me.  Sigh.  

All that has added up to no new blog posts.  BOO!  That ain't cool.  (Thanks for not giving me a red underline under the word "ain't," Firefox!)

I'm hoping to get back in the groove soon.  Maybe even today!  Maybe. I hope.


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  2. Srsly who would steal a relic? Ugh. I pray it was someone desperate for a miracle who will return it one day and not someone looking to commit sacriledge.

    Praying for some inspiration to come your way. Keep writing as you are my favorite blog to read! :)

  3. I go many days without inspiration to blog! Lately I have been writing multiple posts on days I am feeling inspired and then I save them for rainy days (sneaky, I know!)

    Do you live near a Primanti Bros? If so, I'm jealous because I have been craving it this week.

  4. Dacia, I agree about the relic! And thank you so much -- what an honor! :) You made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
    Ashley, the rainy day idea is a great one! No, sadly we don't have a Primanti Bros around here. I must admit I've never been to one. But I've heard of them many times, and I'd love to try their sandwiches someday.

  5. Louise, I love your blog!! It always makes me happy to read one of your posts. I hope inspiration strikes soon. I've been sort of blah on writing lately too.

  6. I check daily.

    Your devoted follower, Lindsy


  7. I love reading your blog Louise! I've told you this before, but pretty much every time you write, you sounds just like me, and I don't know too many other bloggers like that!

  8. Sarah, Lindsy, Kendra -- thank you so much. Your support means the world to me!!