Friday, May 27, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday: Gratitude Edition

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Back when my brother and I were very little and our family would say grace before eating, we would recite: "God is great, God is good, let us thank Him for our food."  After a few years, my parents switched it to the familiar "Bless us, O Lord" version, and we never turned back.  I've always kinda missed the old one, even though it's the condensed variety.

Perhaps that explains why I married a man with the last name Campbell.

So for this week's quick takes, I'd like to start by saying: God is great, God is good, let us thank Him for...

1. The Russian Supreme Court's overturning of a judge's earlier decision not to allow an American family to adopt little Kirill, a darling little boy with Down Syndrome.  I blogged about this a couple months ago when I read about the initial ruling, which stated that Kirill could not be adopted because he is "not socially adaptable."  His new family is absolutely overjoyed, and deeply thankful, and I could not be happier for them.  

2. Sanity.  You may have read about the Canadian husband and wife who are keeping their baby's sex a secret as "a tribute to freedom and choice in place of limitation."  I'm not even going to comment on it, because Sarah at Sarah's Journal wrote such a stunningly beautiful piece about it that I can't think of any more that needs to be said.  (h/t Leila at Little Catholic Bubble)

3. Beautiful flowers right outside my kitchen window.

4. The weather forecast for Memorial Day (please, don't let it change!) combined with dollar admission to celebrate the reopening (following an awesome remodeling) of a local pool.  I can't wait to take Baby Girl swimming!  There is even a specific time on the pool schedule for toddlers in late morning, before the sun gets too crazy!

5. Sonic's milkshakes and "tots."  My husband and I have been fans of the Sonic commercials for years, and often when we've seen them I've lamented the fact that we've never lived near one and, accordingly, have never been to one.  That all changed on our way home from vacationing in Delaware with my husband's family last week.  I had the midmorning nursing mama munchies, and -- hurrah! -- we saw a sign indicating the presence of a Sonic off one of the exits.  We pulled into the lot, and my husband suggested that I could go in and order while he waited with the baby in the car.

Yes, that's right.  Despite the fact that every Sonic commercial that's ever been on has featured people eating in cars, despite the fact that when my friend Ashley has posted about taking her adorable son to Sonic to meet up with her best friend the accompanying photos have always been taken in a car, despite the fact that Sonic's prominent slogan is "America's Drive-In," neither my husband nor I realized that you do not have the option of going into the Sonic.  You can go through the drive-thru, or you can do the drive-in option whereby an employee roller skates out with your food and sets the tray on your window, but you cannot eat in.  Grasping this took a few moments of my stumbling around the grounds, looking for a door that didn't say "Employees Only" on it.

Long story short, we went through the drive-thru and ordered milkshakes and tater tots.  They're just called "tots" on the menu; I teased my husband that he wouldn't be able to order them that way despite quoting Napoleon Dynamite a gazillion times, and I was right.  We enjoyed everything immensely.  Now I want to go back.  Sigh.

6. Summer clothing.  I fit in it this year!  And it doesn't fill up our hamper in two days.

7. My Backstreet Boys Pandora Station.  From Boyz II Men to The Temptations to Stevie Wonder, it just gets it right every time. 

Have a great Memorial Day weekend!


  1. When we were kids we always sang a version of a prayer we learned at Sunday school/daycare at our church to the tune of "Are you sleeping?" I just googled it and it turns out there are many version of it, but it always brings back memories! :D

    Lol - I love picturing you circling the Sonic (and the expressions on the employees faces as they watched you through the window, thinking 'oh no, not another one!'

    I'm so glad you fit in your summer clothing!!! (And jealous!!) :D

    Also jealous of you having a local pool. Can't wait to see pics of Elise enjoying the pool! hint hint.

  2. They just built a Sonic by my house.. I definitely need to go there. I AM SO EXCITED TO FINALLY GET SOME GOOD WEATHER!!! Hahaha. Just a bit excited. Also, those flowers are beautiful!!

  3. oh by the way this is Emily at Day in the Life.. stupid work doesn't let me log into google accounts from here/...grrrrrr

  4. I LOVE Sonic, especially the cherry lime-aid. It's probably for the best that there isn't one here!

    Yeah, that story about the family in california is totally nuts. Blech.

    Anyway, hope you enjoy the weekend!