Friday, April 8, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday: Adorable Baby Edition

Many thanks to Jen for hosting!

Lately I've seen a lot of heart-meltingly cute baby pictures on the Interwebs (case in point); meanwhile, I've also been taking note of my own baby's irresistible adorableness.  Ergo, I'd like to devote this week's quick takes post to photos of my darling baby girl!

1. One of our most cherished activities is something we call a "bed romp."  My husband (or I, if he's not around, but it's so much better when he is) will swing our girl back and forth a few times and then toss her on our bed.  This is followed up by snuggles, tickles, peek-a-boo, and whatnot.  She loves this.  She gets highly excited as soon as she realizes that a bed romp is imminent.

2. She started pulling up about a month and a half ago.  One of her favorite anchors?  The toilet, of course.  We usually keep the bathroom doors shut, but inevitably she manages to bust in here and there.  She likes to pound on it like a drum.  I especially love it when she attempts to do this while I'm using it.

3. Her most favorite place to pull up is the dishwasher.  When she hears us open it, she will scamper as quickly as she can to get there.  I try to avoid letting her do it unless it's empty.  I wasn't smart enough to realize I needed to do this until the day I looked over and saw her wielding a knife.  (A butter knife.  I'm not that awful, I swear.)
See, it's empty!  I wised up!
4. She also enjoys crawling under the piano and playing with the pedals.  I love how sheepish she looks in this picture.
5. Don't let her facial expression fool you here; she doesn't care for the Pack-N-Play, which is what she's grabbing in this photo.  I think she was smiling at the toy we put in there (and hey, Daddy was holding her, which is always grin-worthy!).

6. I wrote about her new swimsuit last week, and here she is modeling it.  I just love it on her!

7. I can't believe how much she's grown in the last nine months -- or how quickly that time has passed.  Here she was when she was only 40 minutes old!
I love you, baby girl!


  1. She is just too cute!! I love her expressions and she is such a perfect mix of you two.

  2. Sigh.... as soon as I saw the words in the title "adorable baby" I knew I had to read it. I just can't get enough of sweet babies! She is just beautiful.

  3. Oh. My. Goodness. These pictures are adorable! You have such a beautiful daughter!!
    And thank you so much for the recipes! I actually have some frozen Tilapia so I might try it tonight!!

  4. Oh my gosh, you gave birth to a dollbaby.

  5. Aww the swimsuit is adorable! Riley is becoming quite a chunker...I'm hoping she still fits in hers by summer. :/

  6. Eep - she looks so big standing, btw! Yeah I was in a hurry to share my dismay over Riley's sudden growth. I forgot I had other things to say.

    Also - perhaps the owls make the pack'n'play smile worthy. :P Sigh, how I wish I had been able to wait for that pattern.

    Ohh, sometime this summer Riley and Elise will have to have a pool party! As soon as I get Cam his pool.

  7. Thank you, ladies! :)
    Emily, hope the recipe worked out if you tried it!
    Aww, Riley a chunker! Hopefully it will still fit for at least the beginning of summer. I know she'll look adorable in it. I CANNOT WAIT TO HAVE A POOL PARTY!! (And just so you know, I originally typed pool as "poop." I guess I'm pretty accustomed to typing that word nowadays...but no, not looking forward to having a poop party of any sort, which reminds me that Elise has yet to poop today. Sigh.)

  8. I love her bathing suit! I just got one for Maggie the other day at TJ Maxx -- it is white with strawberries and a red ruffle. It's absurd. :)