Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Love Letters to Central Pennsylvania: Hot Pepper Cheese

Those who know me best might be surprised that I would write a post extolling any sort of cheese.  To be honest, I hate most cheese: Swiss, provolone, Romano, goat, blue, ricotta...I can barely tolerate mozzarella on my pizza!  Forget anything fancy like Artisanal Cave Aged Roquefort or Ubriaco Prosecco, neither of which I'd ever heard of before but just found on this fancy cheese Web site that came up when I googled "gourmet cheese."  Just not gonna happen!
I'd rather eat Kraft's orange powder straight-up than be in the same room with this monster [Photo Source]

However, I do love me a nice mild Monterey Jack, especially when it's combined with some zesty jalapenos.  Enter Pepper Jack, my most favorite cheese in the world.  So mild!  So delicious!  So good on quesadillas and enchiladas and burritos and all the other Mexican foods I cherish.  I used to buy it from time to time in the grocery store and add it to said dishes, but it's very hard to find in shredded form, and I was generally too lazy to grate it, especially since my grater could most charitably be described as "├╝ber-economy."

Then I tried Meyer Dairy's hot pepper cheese.  And I went out and bought a better grater.

It is nothing short of amazing.  It's like eating butter, except it's tangy peppery delicious cheese.  I know we're not going to live in this town forever, and honestly, food-wise, this is what I'm going to miss the most.  It's sold at a cute little local dairy that also sells ice cream, diner-type foods such as grilled cheese and hot dogs, and various other items, both locally-sourced and not.  We go there for the cheese, the milk, and sometimes the ice cream (which is quite reasonably priced, much better than the ice cream from the overhyped PSU Creamery). 

Here's a link to the dairy's actual Web site, but true to its old-timey ambiance (e.g. no credit card transactions), its Web presence has been "under construction" (maybe it should be "udder construction") for years and consists entirely of this image:
I think it's pretty darn cute.
And...that CHEESE....mmmmmmmmm :)

*This post is part of a series I'm writing on my favorite parts of Central PA.  Read the post on mountains here and the post on blueberry picking here.

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  1. haha! i wish i would've seen this before! mann this is making me hungry :P