Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thinking Thursday: "Trees"

I'm a poetry fan. I've enjoyed reading it since middle school, and I wrote a decent number of my own verses during high school (teen angst for the win! haha, but really, I don't want to completely write them off -- some actually weren't half bad). My last semester of college, I had just one last course to take to finish my English minor, and I needed to take a British literature course. I ended up taking a course on contemporary British poetry, which used this book. It's a fantastic anthology, and it was a wonderful class.

Since then, I haven't done a whole lot with poetry, but I'd love to rekindle our relationship. Some of the books and web resources I read during my pregnancy suggested reading aloud to the baby while he or she was in utero. I didn't do it very often, but occasionally I would, and my favorite thing to read to her was Joyce Kilmer's poem "Trees." Such a simple poem, but so beautiful and evocative. It reminds me of the magnificence of nature, and every time I read the line, "But only God can make a tree," I think not only of the majesty of trees but also the miraculous beauty of human life.

During the last few months of my pregnancy, the trees awoke from their barren winter slumber and flowered brilliantly. When my daugther was born, they were dressed in their full regalia of stunning green leaves. Even when she was just a few weeks old, if we took her outside, she loved to look up at the trees in wonder. She still loves to look at them, and it makes me hopeful that she will share my love of nature.

I wonder if she will share my love of poetry, too?


  1. I hope you don't mind if I start to follow your blog! I love to read mommy blogs :) That is such a special memory you will have of you and your daughter in the spring, I hope to have a similar memory but with the winter and Christmastime!

  2. Hi Ashley! I would be delighted if you followed my blog! I think you will have wonderful winter memories with your baby boy. This will be an amazing Christmas!