Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Taste-Based Tuesday: Salsa!

I love Mexican food. I have since I was a kid. For our first date, my husband let me pick the place, and I chose a Mexican restaurant. Since we married 3 (almost 3 1/2, eek!) years ago, my husband and I have taken to eating most of our meals at home, especially now that our dear daughter is around. Of course, this doesn't mean we can't still enjoy Mexican fare, and we frequently have tacos, burritos, enchiladas, or fajitas for dinner.

In addition to being a Mexican lover, I'm also somewhat of a condiment addict. So what do we always have in our refrigerator? Salsa! Oh, the glories of south-of-the-border ketchup. I have put it on everything from hamburgers to meatloaf to baked potatoes to baked chicken. It is simply wonderful. Over the years, I have tried many salsas. I tend to avoid the ubiquitous "Thick 'n' Chunky" varieties, but I generally enjoy most other kinds. Here are my current three store-bought favorites:

3rd place: Archer Farms Green Chile & Roasted Tomato
I love the green chile flavor in this unique salsa from Target. It's labeled "medium" in terms of heat; I'm such a spicy food aficionado at this point that I can barely detect any spiciness, but what's there is wonderful. (Sorry, I can't seem to find a pic of this one, and the one in my fridge is so low, it's not looking too pretty anymore.)

2nd place: Wholly Salsa
The makers of Wholly Guacamole (also very good, and a reminder that I'm going to have to do a post on the glories of guac one of these weeks!) also make salsa! Our grocery store only carries the mild variety, which is excellent and reminiscent of the salsa you get with your chips at Mexican restaurants. I'd love to try the medium and hot flavors if I can ever get my hands on them!

1st place: Fresh Salsa
I know of at least two grocery store chains around us that have this; each is labeled with its respective store brand, but they taste the same. This is a "pico de gallo" salsa: chunky with very little liquid. Fresh tomatoes, jalapenos, even cucumber! And, of course, my favorite salsa ingredient, cilantro. (Yes, I know that some people bitterly hate cilantro. Apparently it may be a genetic thing. Luckily, my husband loves it as I do, so hopefully our daughter will share our affection for this delicious herb!) Once again, I can't find a picture. Blast!

My real favorite: Notice that this list only included store-bought varieties. My REAL favorite salsa is the pico de gallo sold at a little Chipotle-style Mexican place in my hometown called Coyoacan. LOVE this stuff! I could eat it every day. :)

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